about us
SINCE 2017

We believe everyone deserves solar - and with good quality products, too. That’s why we, at Lotus Energy & Solar, work only with Top Quality brands and offer all types of payment options and facilities.

After all, all of us can benefit from making the switch! We know the secrets the power company won’t tell you. Lotus Energy & Solar has been helping homeowners to lower their bills and start taking back control of their energy expenses for a change.

Lotus Energy & Solar was founded by Nelson and Amanda Cruz. They found an opportunity to provide quality service to homeowners in the State of Florida. Lotus Energy & Solar helps pave the way for customers to go solar and start paying themselves instead of the big power companies.

Based in Florida, we work closely with clients from around Central Florida, getting to the heart of their energy needs to develop a strategic plan and customized proposal. We know that solar energy is not one-size-fits-all and are here to meet your needs!

We create strategies that are bigger, bolder, braver, and better.

Lotus Energy & Solar is a people helping people community that is faithful, dependable and hard-working. Join us today and #MakeTheSwitch to a sunnier future!