Make summer last longer with a Solar Pool Heating System!

Traditional pool heating systems can have a huge impact on your electricity bill, but not having a heating system will definitely limit how much use you get out of your pool - which is, also, a financial loss. Harness the power of the sun to warm your pool and extend your swimming season from spring to fall, getting the most out of your investment with minimum expenses.

At Lotus Energy & Solar we only work with the best brands! The FAFCO solar pool heating system that we work with has superior technology, great performance and a 12-year warranty.

Get even more out of your pool with a Solar Pool Pump!

With a solar pool pump, you eliminate your electricity expenses with pool maintenance. The pump works solely on the power of the sun!

It is quiet, environmentally friendly and a great investment.

  • A lot more economical than the gas alternative
  • 12 year warrant
  • Extend your swimming season from spring to fall
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very silent
  • Pollution-free