Improve comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your home by removing hot air and moisture from your attic with a solar powered attic fan!

The new patent-pending enhanced design, with a Smooth-air Deflector in the shroud of the fan, will ventilate up to 4300 square feet of attic space with a single fan. This next-generation solar-powered attic fan is our most powerful and efficient model yet. Remove heat and moisture, reduce energy usage, protect your home and roof and reduce premature aging of roof shingles with the addition of a roof or gable-mounted Solar Attic Fan.

The Professional Series Solar Powered Attic Fan 9930TR effectively lowers attic heat build-up in the summer months, reducing energy usage, and removes moisture in the winter months. The result? A lot of money is saved all year around!

Why is having a Solar Attic Fan so important?

With 43% of air conditioning base on high attic temperatures frequently up to 160F, lowering attic heat typically lowers air conditioning run-time. Installing a Solar Powered Attic Fan will help remove the heat build-up in your attic and bring your attic’s temperature down closer to the ambient outside temperature.

The reduction in attic temperature will also benefit the homeowner by preserving and extending the life of the roofing and attic construction materials. Additionally, hot air in your attic can then heat the metal exterior of your HVAC ductwork and consequently heat the air passing through it, causing your air conditioner to work even harder.

Why should I get a Reflective Attic Insulation?

In the warmer months, the sun’s heat that gets trapped in the attic can significantly impact your electricity bills and comfort. That’s because all that heat makes it harder for your house to maintain a cool temperature. With a reflective attic insulation, you can eliminate this problem!

While traditional insulation does help with the heat flow in your attic, only reflective insulation can really handle all types of heat that comes from the sun. It reflects 97% of all radiant heat; making a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

At Lotus Energy & Solar we work with only state-of-the-arte reflective attic insulations, aiming to provide you with the best product and best results.

  • Cool your home in the summer months
  • Lower your electricity bill
  • Superior technology compared to regular insulation
Solar Attic Fan Reflective Insulation